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Why Holland?

Doesn't it always rain in the Netherlands?

Why to go to a country that cannot even pick a clear name....Holland, Dutch, the Netherlands, i Paesi Bassi?

Isn't Dutch impossible to learn? 

4 reasons to choose Holland!

Find a job immediately after graduating. The Dutch economy is thriving and with an unemployment-rate of less than 8% there is an urgent need for well-educated staff. 

Choose from over 2100+ courses that are taught in English and study in a country that scores nr1 in the world when it comes to 'her' English proficiency level: this means quite everyone speaks a good level of English

Choose from 2 types of Universities based on your skills and ambitions. Creative? Entrepreneurial? Researcher? We will find the right Uni & course for you! All offer very high-quality education and research.

Wherever you are from, feel welcome in the open and forward-thinking society that Holland is known for. Also in Universities you are asked to actively share your opinion!