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Food & Agribusiness - Orientation Event - HAS University

HAS è una università specializzata, nel sud dei Paesi Bassi. Cibo, agricoltura, ambiente e affari sono i temi centrali. HAS è stata votata come il miglior centro educativo e di competenza nei Paesi Bassi, per i settori agroalimentare e ambientale.
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Food & Agribusiness - Orientation Event - HAS University

Orario & Sede

07 dic 2020, 12:00 – 14:30 CET
Online Meetings


  • Welcome & introduction
  • HAS Tour - video showcasing greenhouse, garden, food hall, environmental sciences lab and other HAS facilities
  • Global Food & Agri Systems - learn more about the food & agri systems and the study programme
  • Break
  • Interactive working session: Supply Chain Management - get introduced to the world-wide challenges in the cocoa supply chain.
  • Break
  • Interactive working session: Management Game (incl. Marketing & Business Development) - deal with a difficult situation and find out how you manage things
  • IFA alumni - the IFA experience and beyond...
  • Wrap-up, Q&A & closure

Corsi di Laurea Triennale (Bachelor courses)

International Food and Agribusiness

Horticulture & Businessmanagement (orientation event is the 16th)

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